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Есть у кого знакомые с короновирусом?
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Wilson is business as usual really still an option for them as well. In fact, they're probably still the better option in that regard, as they have just a few more seasons in order. I also think this could be a season that they make a move to sign an ex-MVP in return.

With the way Seattle's been losing lately, this could be a fun offseason as the Seahawks need to figure out if they're trying to build something great or just playing around with roster construction and player acquisition. It's also possible that they've finally decided what they want to do at quarterback and I just think there's enough momentum that they could be a little aggressive going forward.
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Thousands sheep perish esperance bushfire

The death toll has also risen to 31 people from two fires - one in Whinjarwa and one in Natal - and six more people from fire on the mainland's northern shores, a state agency said yesterday.

A total of 4800 people were affected - 80% of them at Whinjarwa, but more than 30% at Natal, an official in the state's Department of Agriculture said.

"There is some concern about the number of sheep in the area, but I don't see any problems," he told Reuters news agency.

State Agriculture and Forestry Minister Dusan Zajcik confirmed that 28 000 sheep had died in the fire but said the extent of damage was not yet known.

He said some people living on the border with North Africa had already been evacuated and said that the number of people living close to the border had been reduced by 25%.

Zajcik did not provide the numbers of affected residents, but said it would take time to determine the situation from the figures he did.
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